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      General description

      With the help of this utility you can easily manage questions and answers. This is one of the main methods of protection against automatic execution in various cms. Without knowing the correct answer, you will not be able to post or create an account. At the moment there is no such algorithm that can recognize all the secret questions and give each correct answer. And not everyone will be able to do it himself because of the specifics of the question. But often the questions are simple and you can answer the majority. When answering questions, you teach Xneolinks, with each new correct answer, you allow answering questions which the program does not know and then the program will be able to recognize these questions. To run the utility, you must enable the option of collecting questions, in the program, in the "Filling settings" tab; we discussed this in Chapter 2. When the program collects questions, you can answer them by clicking on the empty space in the next column, opposite question which you want to give an answer. You will be able to enter it. Note You can use automatic recognition in OCR, rucaptcha, antigate services. In this case, real people will answer the questions you send. But the accuracy is not high and we recommend answering yourself or finding a freelancer who will help you.
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      Practical tips

      Use translate.google.com to translate questions in a different language. Very often, questions require simple answers, for example, to reprint a text, specify how many characters are there in a word, write the name of some capital. Use the search engines to find the answer for your question, for example, if it's a mystery and you do not know the answer, you can find the answer to it.
 In rare cases, you can ask for answers on specialized websites created for questions and answers. Important But, please read this information: Each question can be linked to a specific website, for example, if the question is: "Write the website name", this question may occur in another place, but when linking it, the answer will be taken taking into account the website address. In order to link, you need to click on the text: "Not tied", after clicking, there will be a green mark, the question is "Tied". Note Your question and answer database is stored exclusively on your computer and other users will not get access to it, this means that you make your program unique for yourself and increase its effectiveness. In addition, the program has a built-in database of questions and answers, which we regularly update, but it is impossible to answer all the questions, and they can change, new ones can appear, we recommend you to pay attention on it and to use the utility to increase the Xneolinks effectiveness.
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      How to connect OCR services

      To connect services, open the settings and specify the data for connecting to OCR. In addition, you can enable the sending of captcha only to Russian-speaking users. All received answers will be written in the appropriate column and in the future you can edit and save them. If the answer is incorrect, you can complain about the answer by reporting a problem.Right-click on the answers, which in your opinion is incorrect and send a complaint. In this case, if approving a complaint, the money for the wrong answer will be refund to you. Important   Внеся изменения, не забудьте сохранить ваши данные. Для этого нажмите на кнопку «Сохранить». Изменения сохраняются только после этого действия. Если вы забудете это сделать и не сохраните, ваши изменения пропадут.
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      Additional functions

      Навигация: Import and export Work with data Import and export You can export and import questions. These options will allow you to share your questions and answers with other users, or transfer them from one computer to another. Important The program only supports its own data format; you cannot import questions and answers from another program. How to download the Q & A database from the old version of xneolinks? Install the version of xneolinks from which the database was saved. Import the database. Update the program using xneoupdate.exe Work with data You can select several questions at once, to do this, hold down the ctrl key and select the necessary questions with the mouse. Further, by right-clicking, they can be sent to the OCR service you need. Or perform bulk data deletion. By right-clicking on a question, you can also delete duplicates among all questions and only among selected ones. You can send all unanswered questions to the selected OCR service; for this, the corresponding buttons are provided.
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