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  • Quick Start

    For those who do not want to read the whole manual and want to quickly start using the program.
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      The way to install the program

      You’ve received a letter with the program link: Downloaded archive with the program:    Now you need to open C:\ drive, create a folder with the name Xneolinks and unzip the archive files into this folder. Make sure the folder is writable by right-clicking on the folder, the shortcut menu will be opened, click on "properties" and make sure the "read-only" option is disabled. If you do not have the C:\ drive, you can place the program on another disk, the key moment is the absence of special characters in the path to the program, the "desktop", "my documents" directories are not supported. Now the program installation is completed. Run the file "XNEOLINKS.exe", enter the license information from the received letter: Confirm the entry, read the rules for using the program. At the moment the program installation is completed and you can start using it.
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      First steps

      To get started, you need to complete seven steps: The links list with the anchor text. Specify the articles, headings, tags. Configure the database, resources on which there will be the execution. Configure the mail, use a third-party service or specify an existing mail. Configure Proxy and OCR. It is not necessary to include additional operation modes. Commenting mode, forum topics creation mode. The final step, execution start. You can start link building in 7 steps, specifying important data. All other settings will be useful for individual tasks, for example, to personalize the fields filling by the program, for exceptions configure. All the settings will be discussed in detail in the following chapters.
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      The link list

      After running the program, you get to the main menu, where you can set up a list of links and articles.
 The format for links and articles settings is different, that’s why we are looking through the setting in separate sections. The screenshot shows the area where you need to enter your links with the anchor text. It is important to follow the supported by the program format, if these are bbcode links, you need to enter them like this: [url=http://site.ru]my website[/url] Important Each link pointed by you should be started with the new line, it is - a separator. During the working process the program will use its own link for each website from the base settings, if the links number is not enough, random link will be used. We recommend using the anchor text near the link, if you it is impossible to post the link with the anchor text on the website. For example, you can specify only no anchor link, in this case the program will try to post the anchor text without reference in one of the fields, for example "About" "Biography" and other, in order to increase the relevance and naturalness. An example with the anchor text in HTML format: Недавно я нашёл интересную идею для <a href="http://site.ru">моего сайта</a>. Я буду рассказывать о садоводстве. Я придумал идею для <a href="http://site.ru">сайта</a>. Теперь я веду блог о садоводстве. А кто-нибудь из вас увлекается садоводством? Я сделал <a href="http://site.ru">сайт</a> об этом. Здесь <a href="http://site.ru">http://site.ru</a> я рассказываю о садоводстве. О своём опыте, достижениях и планах. Each line is a separate link and the anchor text. You can specify only the links. One line can have more than one link, but in case if it’s impossible to post everything, only the first one will be posted. Additionally You can use the {||||} constructs in the text. In this case, there is used conception: you can specify a new template for reproduction in each new line. It is impossible to use only one text, specifying it in one line, in this case a random variation will always be used, according to the construction {||||}. This information will be used for filling profiles, for comments (if this mode is enabled).
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      Articles settings

      When specifying articles or links in the area displayed on the screenshot, you activate the article mode in Xneolinks. Specified information will be used to create the blog entries, forum topics (if this mode is enabled). Unlike the section "Link settings", here is the separator {% NEW %}, thus in articles you can use paragraphs and make out articles according to your tasks. This is the only difference. Articles example: Описание для статьи номер 1...троеточие означает кучу пропущенного текста. Абзац для статьи под номером 1. Здесь может быть много текста, размер статьи определяете вы. Конец статьи 1. Источник: <a href="http://site.ru">http://site.ru</a> %new% Описание для статьи номер 2...троеточие означет кучу пропущенного текста. А здесь мы публикуем ссылку <a href="http://site.ru">с случайным текстом</a>. Абзац для статьи под номером 2. Здесь может быть много текста, размер статьи определяете вы.   Конец статьи 2 %new% Описание для статьи номер 3...троеточие означет кучу пропущенного текста. Абзац для статьи под номером 3. Здесь может быть много текста, размер статьи определяете вы.   Конец статьи 3. А источник: <a href="http://site.ru">http://site.ru</a>. Example shows three articles. If 3 websites are specified in the database setup, each website will have its own article. If the database has more websites, a random article from the list will be used. It is possible to use constructions {|||} in the articles.
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      Base settings

      Go to the "Base settings" tab and use one of two options to load the database. You can specify the resources list in the text box or download from the file.  
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      Mail settings

      It is important to decide which mail you are planing to use. There are several possible options: Own mail on own website. Mail on a third-party service. Note Using new mail on a third-party service implies a quicker start to work, but also entails disadventages, mail can be blocked for a large number of incoming mail, built-in spam filters can cancel some emails and it is impossible to disable all filters. In connection with these disadvantages, we recommend using mail on your domain, hosting/server, with spam filters disabled. But, regardless of the recommendation, the first method will be convenient for a quick start. If you have chosen mail on a third-party service and want the program to do it itself, in this case, you can not to configure anything, but use the default settings, and if you want to change the service, open the "Program Settings" tab. By default, there is chosen the mfsa service, but you can change it to any other available one. Besides you can change other settings, for example, increase the time for searching letter during the last check. If you want to use your mail, you can scroll down to the existing mail settings. In the text box, you must specify your e-mail and password, separating them by ";" - semicolon. Each new post should be specified in a new line. Change the e-mail server, specify connection port and type. If necessary, you can use a catchall function. After specifying all data, check connection correctness by clicking on "check the connection."
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      Multithreading settings

      Multithreading is important for the program. Each flow is actually an individual, which will work for you. Multithreading is divided into 2 parts, browser and post / get requests, used to determine cms. You can configure the flows for each part. The browser is resource- intensive and it is impossible to specify hundreds of threads in it, but in post/get the requests are simple and execution can go to 300 or more threads. The standard version has limitations: 3 threads for one browser. 15 threads for post/get requests. You can’t set more value. Premium versions don’t have limitations. The only limitation is your computer resources. We recommend to make several test runs, run the task manager and look at the system workload, focusing on this, to choose the optimal number of threads for the browser. For post/get requests, the program is able to focus on the available resources number and will not run more ones than possible. To get started, if you do not have a dual-core 2.1 GHz processor (if you have a weak processor, start working with 3 threads), you can put 10 threads for the browser and 150 for post/get and based on these values, an important condition is not to allow a constant 100% load on the processor. The computers characteristics are very different and we can’t provide specific information about the optimal values for each system. Additionally, each resource downloaded in the browser, can have different effects on performance. Note It is impossible to change the number of threads during cms analysis during the runtime. The value can only be changed before the start. It is impossible to change the threads number in the browser during the runtime, but it can be changed by pausing the program, waiting for all threads are finished, changing the number, saving and running the execution again.
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      OCR settings

      All the program settings are distributed according to the importance degree and use frequency. OCR settings follow the mail settings. You can connect one of the 7 OCR services, these are: 2captcha; Antigate; Death by Captcha; Imagetyperz; Ripcaptcha; Textcaptchasolver; Captchatronix; And 4 programs for automatic OCR recognition: Xevil; Captcha sniper; Captcha breaker; Capmonster2; It is possible to connect any OCR, but we will go through the connection based on 2captcha.com. First of all, this service allows to solve the new recaptcha2, for this it is necessary to enable the options: «Enable solve hard captcha" -> "Resolving recaptchaV2 without sending pictures», «Enable sending proxy to OCR», «Enable sending url to OCR». We will go through each service in future chapters in detail, and now, for a quick start, get the key for 2captcha in the personal service account: https://2captcha.com/setting Note The difference between 2captcha and rucaptcha in the interface language. If you need Russian, use rucaptcha.com, besides it is necessary to select this service in the settings, because they are different and it will be impossible to work with the account created in rucaptcha, using 2captcha.com settings. Click on the registration button, enter your details, confirm the account, replenish the balance in the system and then in the settings the API key, which must be specified in the program, will become available for you: After specifying the key, enable the option: "Switch on solving by Rucaptcha".
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      Proxy settings

      Find proxy settings in the list. Specify a proxy in the text box or download from the file. Additionally you should enable the options: «Use proxies». «Use proxies for get queries». These options are enabled on the screenshot. Near the "Use proxy" option there is a button in the form of two gears, when clicking on it, you can configure the data by which the proxy functionality is checked. It is important to follow the format in the text field or when downloading a proxy from a file, all proxies must have the next form: The separator is ":", a colon. Login and password for the proxy are optional, if you do not need authorization. Proxies are supported by HTTP only.
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      Operating modes setting

      Enable these modes is not required. They are disabled by default to exclude creation of thematic and unforeseen by you contenet. Some modes are disabled by default, for example: Commenting mode. Topics creation mode. You can enable them in the "Program settings" tab.
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      Run xneolinks

      Now the program configuration is completed, you can start working. Go to the «MAIN SITE» (MAIN MENU) tab and click on the «Start linking» button. After clicking, the execution will be started, on completion. The program will create a report, which will have the information on successful and unsuccessful posts. Note We have identified the most important details; detailed program review is available in other chapters of the manual. In the first chapter we looked through the situation to get started quickly.
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